This dress clip is by the Paris fashion house of Henry a la Pensee.  Henry a la Pensee began in 1800 as a high end boutique selling quality clothing accessories and gifts.  Over time they opened branches throughout France and in 1938 opened a shop in New York.  The fashion house closed in the 1960s.  Henry a la Pensee concentrated predominantly on clothing and other accessories so there is not much jewellery around but it is available at antique/vintage fairs and online.

This dress clip is made of brass and the black on top is a layer of suede; an unusual material to use in the 1940s.   Even today modern designers do not use leather often in their designs preferring materials like Perspex, wood, wool and silver.

Dress clips were fashionable during the 1930s and 1940s.  They clip on to a dress, blouse, jacket or coat and often come in pairs.  Though not as popular these days they are still worn, not only in the traditional way but I’ve also seen them on hats, handbags and even all along the straps of crossover bags.  Still a versatile vintage accessory especially as I have the matching earrings to my dress clip.  They are miniatures of the dress clip right down to minute bows and diamantes, making a perfect set.

Back in May TubeFlash our sister project was given an airing with its very own exhibition sponsored by Transport for London and Craft Central.  I was delighted to find one of our contributing writers Allen Ashley, who will have a new Flash Fiction ‘Tender Arrows’ published early next year here on The Casket, went along to the exhibition and wrote an informative blog post to accompany his visit – Brooch, The Subject by Allen Ashley – thanks very much Allen.

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